Bunnahabhain – 25 Year Single Malt

The first scotch we popped open in our Inaugural Tasting was Bunnahabhain’s 25 year single malt. This carefully created and methodically aged scotch is highly regarded with some very impressive accolades. Both sweet and smooth, this sherry aged whisky offers a complexity of flavours finished off by that signature kiss of Bunnahabhain peat smoke. This distillery is highly regarded and makes some unbelievable juice but this 25 year they have created here is an obvious stand out and is absolutely magnificent.

ABV – 46.3% / Age – 25 years / Mash – 100% Malted Barley / Region – Scotland (Islay) / Cask – refill ex- Sherry

Satisfaction was fairly consistent once everyone had their first whiff of this one and you could tell the anticipation was building upon the first sips being taken. After all, it was this bottle and the anCnoc 1975 that everyone came here for.

NOSE – Angelically Sherry right off the hop with sweet creme brulee eventually marrying with subtle oak, honey, leather and finally peat smoke.

PALATE – The palate is fair bodied and sits comfortable on the tongue. As you roll it around you will discover notes of citrus, honeyed cereals, coffee, oak layered above roasted nuts, malted barley, smoke and mild sherry as Bunnahabhain intended.

FINISH – It finishes off smooth to the point that I felt some of the expression was lost. Not in a bad way though, the transition from the palate was just so seamless you kind of lose yourself in its harmonious progression. As the flavour spills over, its all lost in a swirl of warm sweetness, spicy oak and a trace of marmalade.

Overall, this is a well crafted single malt by Bunnahabhain made up of complementary characteristics flowing together effortlessly making for an enjoyably smooth experience. My only criticism is that the body was a little light as I was expecting a bit more boldness to the profile being that its a 25 year sherry’d single malt. My rating – 8.7/10.

Seems like the lack of backbone was a common deterrent as it didn’t score among the guys as high as I thought it would considering the age and price of the whisky. Collective score was also 8.7/10.

  • Review by Steven Shaw
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