Inaugural Tasting

February 2019 Club Tasting

May 2019 Club Tasting

September 2019 Club Tasting

Jim Beam Masterclass – September 2019

Two Brewers Tasting – October 2019

Whisky Belles – 7 Course Meal/Cocktail Pairing at Guru (Edmonton)

Whisky Joe Private Tasting

Rare Drams / Morrison MacKay Dramspotting Private Release Tasting

February 2020 Club Tasting

Dramming Across the Regions -Private Tasting

Most Epic Bunnahabhain Tasting – Take II – June 2020

A Virtual Evening with Some Rare Drams – July 2020

August mid-COVID 2020 Club Tasting

Artistry in Whisky – Compass Box Tasting with James Bornn – October 2020

TS Global Japanese Whisky Tasting – Feb 2021

Indie Bottling Tasting March 2021

Boulder Spirits Virtual Tasting June 2021

All tasting mat designs and photography are created and produced by Park Whiskey Society.

Jim Beam Master class mat provided by Jay Mehler (Suntory)