Sample Review: Writer’s Tears Double Oak

Image credit: Darryl Holtby (@whiskeysith)

Thanks to Daryl, aka @whiskeysith, I’ve got a whole stable full of Writer’s Tears whiskey to review! This one is their Double Oak expression, which is a blend of triple distilled single pot still and Irish single malt. It’s matured in a mix of ex-Bourbon and ex-Cognac casks and bottled at 46%. The Cognac casks come from the Legaret family, who own the DEAU Cognac brand. Oh, and it’s non-chill filtered to boot!

Nose: Although there are two cask types involved as well as two different kinds of whiskey in the blend, each one is bringing something to the table here. First and foremost is the unmistakable signature of the copper pot and ex-Bourbon casks, teaming with vanilla, freshly cut apples and pears, and just a touch of cinnamon and ginger. On the tropical side of things, this is heavier on the mango than on the pineapple and orange. The Irish single malt is bringing a pleasant biscuit note into the mix. The ex-Cognac cask signature is faint. Just dried strawberries and really not a lot of other dark baking spices. This may change on the palate.

Palate: Even from the first sip, this is full-bodied with a nice spicy kick at the end. The entry is part apple pie filling and that character doesn’t let up at all. It just gets a little heavier on the cinnamon as the experience progresses. Mango and honey are also present. As the development unfolds, the cinnamon and ginger get turned up a notch and a dark chocolate fudge starts to take hold towards the end. There’s a hint of nutmeg as well

Finish: Cinnamon-rich apple pie filling gives way to cocoa and dark fudge. That spice-heavy development helps to lengthen the finish considerably. 

Conclusion: The decision to kick the ABV up a notch from the Copper Pot (reviewed previously) along with the added richness from the French oak from the Cognac casks really helps to dial this one up in terms of flavour and richness. That rich fudge and cocoa powder really puts a smile on my face. As does the $60-70 CAD price tag in Alberta.

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