Sample Review: Wemyss Malts – A Moment Savoured – Glenallachie 14 Year

Image credit: Elliott McCormack (@singlemaltmack)

This week I’m reviewing the first of three samples that I have of the Wemyss single cask series. This one is a 14 year Glenallachie single malt from good ‘ole Speyside. Called “A Moment Savoured”, these names seem to be trying to appeal to the SMWS crowd. This was matured in a re-fill Sherry butt and has been proofed down to 46% ABV. Total out turn of the cask was 785 bottles.

Nose: It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had any Glenallachie, but these aromas are bringing me back right quick. Dried strawberries and Seville orange marmalade hit me straight away. Poached pears aren’t far behind. There is a nice, warming, spicy character to this in the form of cinnamon and allspice. I suspect clove and possibly nutmeg will join them on the palate. Now I’m getting a lovely dark fruit and nut bar note that I love. It’s not pure vanilla that I’m getting. More vanilla wafers.

Palate: The entry is oily, mouth coating, and sweet (but not overly so). Honey and semi-dark chocolate are noticed straight away and don’t depart till the end of the finish. Particularly when I smack my lips, I get a slightly toasted, bitter nuttiness (probably walnuts), which helps to cut through the sweetness a little. An added pink grapefruit bitter and sour note comes in half way through. As expected, clove and nutmeg rises up near the end. The former being stronger than the latter. Cocoa powder comes in at the very end.

Finish: This isn’t overly long, but is nicely balanced. The sour citrus, spices and cocoa powder, and lingering sweetness from the entry all fade in unison.


Balance was the name of the game here. People usually dig Glenallachie for their Sherry bombs, yet this re-fill Sherry butt helps to peel that sometimes over-imposing layer back a bit, allowing the distillate to shine through. The sweet/sour/bitter combination was a winner for me, though I would have liked the spice to tingle my tongue just a wee bit more. Still, a great start for these single casks.

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