PWS PodCast

Spinning the Whisky Fabric, as we discuss drinking the golden spirit with the drinkers themselves. The passion doesn’t stop in the makers but thrives in the drinkers as well. Join us as we unravel the obsessions of our fine community from the casual lover to the influencers of the most appreciated spirit in the world.

Episode 1 – This is us… kind of.

Listen to us introduce ourselves and banter in randomness for Episode number 1.

Episode 2 – Everybody Loves Dave

Listen in as we discuss everything Two Brewers whisky with Dave Gardner – a local Beer legend and conversationalist turned whisky nerd. Dave is an ambassador for Two Brewers / Yukon Brewing and has been in the business for more than 25 years. He is a well respected member of our community and a gentleman we consider our friend.

Episode 3 – The Talented Mr. Watt

Today we chat with our good friend Travis Watt. Travis, a man of many talents, is a father, a firefighter, a 4-time beer league hockey all-star, founder and president of both the Edmonton Scotch Club and Edmonton Whisky Forum, Rare Drams Rep and the philanthropist behind the Drams for Fams initiative. A true whisky beauty lister, so tune in!